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About Us


Who are the Woodstock Christadelphians?


 Woodstock Christadelphians are part of a world-wide religious community that has attempted to replicate the beliefs and organizational structure of the first century Christian Church based on the pattern given in the New Testament.  The Woodstock Christadelphian Church came into being as part of a religious revival that was taking place in North America in the 1840's.  The name 'Christadelphian" was adopted at the time of the Civil War in the United States and is an English approximation of two Greek words that simply mean "Brothers/Sisters in Christ". Congregations of Christadelphians exist in over 120 countries throughout the world with concentrations in Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, India, Nigeria, South Africa, Malawi and Kenya.


Each congregation of Christadelphians is usually called an 'ecclesia' (rather than a 'church' - based on the Greek New Testament word ekklesia meaning "assembly"). This word is equivalent to the English word "church". (Note that the French and Spanish words for church are based directly on the word ecclesia - eglise in French and iglecias in Spanish


 Each ecclesia is self governing and autonomous but is bound to the wider Christadelphian community by the Christadelphian Statement of Faith (BUSF), which summarizes the beliefs we share in common with other Christadelphian ecclesias. The Wooodstock Christadelphian Ecclesia (the official name), like most Christian churches, is a registered Canadian charitable organization.

The Woodstock Christadelphian Ecclesia was initially formed in the area surrounding Woodstock around 1860 and was called the Innerkip Ecclesia. The congregation was made of mainly farming families who met in homes for their weekly meetings. Over time the congregation grew and in 1960, an ecclesial hall was constructed at 234 Clarke Street, North in Woodstock where we remain to this day.  The name was changed to the Woodstock Christadelphian Ecclesia in 1970. There are currently about 40 members, associates and children who regularly attend our services.

Members of each congregation are called 'brothers' or 'sisters' in Christ but all attendees whether members, associates, or visitors are welcome at our meetings.  All functions and activities within an ecclesia are carried out by members and associates who voluntarily contribute their time and energy as they are able. We have no paid clergy, central office, or church hierarchy. Instead, we have an Arranging Board consisting of a Chairman, Secretary, and Member at Large that is elected for one year at the annual business meeting. All other duties are delegated, based on a vote of members present or by appointment, at that meeting.  Membership in the ecclesia is purely voluntary and all the affairs of the ecclesia are transparent and conducted as outlined in the Constitution of the Woodstock Ecclesia.

We strive to base our beliefs, organizational practices and mode of living on the Bible, which we believe is the inspired Word of God. Membership in the ecclesia is open to those with similar beliefs who have been baptized (by being fully immersed in water), into the saving Name of Jesus Christ.  We have a weekly communion service each Sunday which we call a "memorial service' that is patterned on the 'Lord's Supper' where we remember the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We warmly welcome visitors to meet with us at our weekly Sunday School, "Memorial Service" or Bible Class. Because we believe that commonality of basic beliefs is important when sharing the Lord's Supper, participation in communion is for Christadelphians in good standing who accept the Christadelphian Statement of Faith (BUSF).