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 More Information and Resources

Here is a list of Websites containing additional information or resources about the Bible.

This website is sponsored by the publishers of a monthly magazine called "The Christadelphian Advocate", a magazine published by our denomination that is supported by the Woodstock Christadelphians. This website provides the following features:

  • Issues of the magazine featuring special themes
  • Doctrinal Exposition: Articles / booklets exploring Bible subjects
  • Bookstore:  Bible related books and materials
  • Things Concerning:  Short articles teaching the Gospel
  • Question Box:  Scriptural answers to difficult verses
  • The Spirit of Elijah:  Articles on repentance
  • The Gospel Message:  Articles proclaiming the Gospel
  • Abra Su Biblia:  Gospel teaching in Spanish
  • Statement of Faith (BUSF)
  • Commandments of Christ 

This site allows you to examine the Daily Bible Readings for any day of the year (based on the Bible Companion) in multiple Bible versions along with comments that have been posted by various individuals over time on the contents of a particular chapter or verse. 

This website preaches the Good News of Jesus Christ and the coming Kingdom of God - the Gospel message proclaimed in the Bible. It provides a "semi-interactive" style, where input from the reader influences the flow of material. This is achieved by listing at the end of each article some potential responses you might have to that article. These responses are thenlinks to other articles. If you click on the response which most accurately reflects your opinion, then the next article to appear should be the one most relevant to your point of view. It is thereby hoped the chances of generating a meaningful 'dialogue" are maximized.

Alternatively, you can browse the articles using the coloured tabs above. Each tab represents a philosophical arena populated by a series of articles. The blue tab hosts articles presenting a broad overview of the Bible, considering the likelihood of its veracity and relevance in the present day. The green tab presents the area where we consider doctrinal concepts the Bible promotes. The amber tab hosts articles considering the impact of the Gospel message in one's life and the red tab directs you to articles concerning key issues for an individual who is already a disciple of Jesus.

 http://www, is dedicated to clear and effective teaching about the Bible. Here you will find opportunities to learn through online courses with your own personal tutor, by asking us a specific Bible related question, or by browsing our library of articles on a wide range of Bible subjects. In addition, you will find other features and offers to assist Bible learning. Everything we offer here is free of charge.

The support and sponsorship of comes from members of the community of Bible students around the world know as Christadelphians. We regard the Bible as the key for everyone when it comes to understanding God and his purpose, and our own relationship to those things. So, we hope that the services and features you find here will help you to learn more about God and his message to us.

To summarize again, this wesite provides he following options;'

  • Free Online or "By Mail" Bible Course that allows you to learn the Bible's basic message at  your own pace. This course is suited to everyone, whether you have no knowledge of the Bible or have been reading it for a while.
  • Bible Questions and Answers for people that may have questions about the Bible but don't know quite what to ask. Have a look at questions and answers already in the data base about key Bible subjects such as: God, Jesus Christ, The Gospels, Angels, Hell, Baptism, Devil and demons, Kingdom of God, or have your own question.
  • Free DVD: Why I Believe the Bible which consists of six short videos by Christian professionals showing how their work reinforces their belief in the Bible with reference to the following areas: Archaeology, Medicine, History, Biology, Biblical Manuscripts, Horticulture.
  • Free Online Bible Webinar called Learn To Read The Bible Effectively Seminar. This webinar consists of 16 lessons in a classroom setting which you can view online.
  • Library Resources  This resource allows you to look at the many articles on Bible themes like prophecy, doctrine, life issues, Bible study, and more.